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Short Term Loans

  • Up to 3 months to repay
  • Paying for surprise personal expenses
  • Borrow up to $2000
  • Centrelink OK
  • Short term only

When You Just Can’t Wait!

Every day thousands of Australian’s are forced to make a hard choices about their finances because an unexpected short term financial crisis has reared it’s ugly head. This predicament isn’t caused by a lack of income, these people all have good jobs and paychecks. The problem is that the income is enough for everyday expenses as long as no other surprise expenditures arise.

There Is Hope

We know how hard it can be to get cash when you need it the most and you’ve tried everything you can think of. You have already asked your friends and family for a short term loan but they are in no better a situation than you are because of the weak economy right now in Australia.

This is where we can help. You can borrow up to $2000 and take up to 3 months to pay it back. The process is quite easy and requires no face to face meetings. It is all online!

Short Term Loans Australia

Australia is so financially unstable that you can’t always remain prepared to face it. When you are confronted with emergency financial circumstances, short term loans are generally the most ideal way to overcome them. Short term loans are like debt instruments to moment instant money management and cash requirements.

As the name implies, short term loans are supposed to be for money necessities required for a few days. Short terms loans allow you to meet financial urgency if your regular budget is under threat.

You can get access to short term loans quickly by just filling an application form online. There’s simplicity in the process enroute short term loans that will allow anyone over 18 years old to have access. Faxing isn’t required.
The main motivation in acquiring short term loans is that they involve no credit checks. Besides, there are some requirements you have to fulfill while applying for short term loans and they are:

  1. You need a checking account that has been in existence for at least 90 days plus a regular income.
  2. You must either be receiving a regular monthly check such as social security or pension or you must be employed.
  3. Select a payment date that is convenient for you. This will be the date you will deposit in the bank.
  4. You may extend the date of payment but higher interest rates will be attached.

How Short Is “Short Term”?

This is a very common question about short term loans. The repayment term of short term loans actually varies, although generally any loan that is meant to be repaid within one year is considered to be “short term.” Some of these loans may tend to be in terms of three months, six months or even nine months depending on the organization.

Collateral Considerations

Since short term loans require smaller amount of cash compared to long term loans, high valued collateral isn’t that important. A higher percentage of loans having a short repayment terms are often unsecured, but if they do require collateral then they can decrease the value of the item used. All things considered, many people use cars as a form of collateral in order secure this kind of loan.

Interest Rates

The interest rate to be paid on short term loans can depend significantly on the amount you borrow, the value of your collateral, and how long you need the loan.

It’s essential to remember that the interest rate you pay on a loan that will last for six months won’t cost you as much as what you would repay on a three year or five year loan. In spite of the fact that it’s good to get a low interest rate, having a shorter term and a higher interest rate is highly recommended. Repayment in instalments make life much easier.

Finding A Short Term Lender

When searching for short term loans, you have to consider finance companies, banks and online lenders. It is always good to use the same lenders that provide services for longer loan. Some of these lenders offer various kinds of loans, and you’ll see that most of the loans offered are designed for short term borrowers.

Take out time to shop around different lender and consider what the best offer you can get for your loans. Keep in mind that if you end up with a higher interest rate than you had in mind, you shouldn’t panic because it will make little or no difference. You will only pay the amount in bits until you pay fully.

Repaying The Loan

Despite the fact that in short term loans you have limited number of payment, it is imperative that you make them in full and in due time. Missing loan payments can have a negative effect on your credit for short terms the same way they do for loans you take years to repay. Pay your loan fast to avoid potential problems.


Short term loans should be incurred after you have depleted all alternatives like taking small loans from a credit union, using checking overdraft protection or taking advance from your employer as an emergency short term loan.

Students can also apply for short term loans. Students’ short term loans should only be used in temporary emergency problem. There’s only one short term loan accessible for students yearly with an availability of three days. This is to ensure that this loan is utilized appropriately by students.

These days, money in the bag is a very secure position for everybody. Notwithstanding, there are times when this is unrealistic. Circumstances are never comparable and change occasionally has significant weight on funds. Short term debts problems can undoubtedly be converted into long term issues. Yet if short term loans are used appropriately, it can be effective and productive in rendering long term solutions.