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Bad Credit Personal Loans

At Auscashloans a bad credit loan is easier than you may think! In fact, we have helped thousands of Australians with a less than perfect credit history. If you have unpaid defaults, credit card debts, or little documentation and need a small loan to meet personal needs, apply now, you may be surprised just how easy it is!

Facts about bad credit personal loans

It is a common misconception that if you have bad credit you are not eligible to get a loan. Actually, most people who apply for a loan have less than perfect credit and are still promptly approved.

Another myth is that all lenders require credit checks. The truth is that some short term lenders do not use credit checks at all. Your approval is based on recent financial behavior (usually 90 days)

When you do decide to get a loan, make sure you use a lender that does not require you to repay your loan on your next payday. This will help keep you out of unmanagable debt loops that are hard to escape.

What is a bad credit personal loan?

Bad credit loans provide funds for personal expenses such as unexpected bills and temporary shortfalls in cash. Bad credit loans are specifically for applicants with a bad credit history. For example, those who’ve experienced credit defaults, bankruptcy, or part IX debt agreements.

Be sure to borrow responsibly so as not to harm your credit any further and damage any future credit prospects.