Payday Loan Questions

A microloan is a small, fast loan to help you through unforeseen costs. Everyone, regardless of preparation has financial complications. This is why we offer our fast cash loan service to everyone. A microloan in Australia is also known as a payday loan, cash advance or short term loan.
We let you choose your repayment date. That means we give you the cash and set up a direct debit to come out when you next get paid. We take care of the whole thing so you can get on with your life with as few hassles as possible
Our costs are fixed based on your loan and the term. You can check out our rate table on the charges page to check how much it will cost.

Repayments depend on your pay frequency – weekly paid customers make 10 payments, fortnightly and monthly customers make 3 payments. By repaying your loan over 3 months, the repayments should be more affordable to you, leaving more money in your pocket and bank account from month to month.

All of our loans are small and short term but they could help you solve a big financial problems. All of our costs are clearly highlighted in the terms and conditions we send you when you approve your loan. It is vital you check this very closely.

In order to apply for a loan, you must be over 18 years old, an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident and have a regular income. You will also need your own email address and a mobile phone number.

Once we have received your loan application it will be assessed along with your bank statement. We never run credit checks and assess all applications based on the information provided by you when you apply.

We are a 100% online lender which means you will never have to queue, fill out paper work or attend those annoying bank meetings. Simple, straightforward and fast!

Yes, ID is required. although we use an automated system for electronic ID sometimes we will require a copy of your drivers licence, and if this is the case, we will contact you and ask for you to send it through. All completely online and paperless, of course!
To comply with government regulations and the loan industry best practices, it is mandatory that we review your bank statements for the last ninety days. This process is completely online so it will not slow you down!

All of this is done securely through encrypted servers and once your loan is approved all the information is stored. It’s safe, secure and most importantly, easier for you to get the cash you need.

We handle repayments for you through direct debits. Unfortunately, if you do happen to dishonour on these your bank may charge you a direct debit dishonour as well as the lender. There may also be rescheduling fees involved.

If for some reason you think a direct debit payment will dishonour contact us as soon as possible and we may be able to help or even stop the direct debit from dishonouring. Help us help you.

Our Collections Team are always there to help. If you do get stuck trying to make repayments, please contact them as they are almost always able to work out a plan that is good for you, and when it’s good for you it’s also good for us.

We will never try to make things hard or unfair on you and if we think you will have hardship paying back a loan we won’t lend to you in the first place – we don’t want to see anyone struggle. However, we do also ask you to not borrow from us if you think it will be too difficult to pay us back.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We never check your credit file for a loan

Unlike some of our biggest competitors we do not use credit checks. We lend on current behaviour and ability repay the loan now – not on your past history. How good is that?

It is very fast! Once we have received your completed loan application, we will have it assessed by our online scorecard system.

Usually, the whole process, from submitting your completed loan application to receiving your approved loan in your bank account takes approximately one hour. Your financial institution determines how fast they deposit to your account once we have made the transfer to them.

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