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It seems that a majority of our customers come to us in frustration after a lot of wasted time searching online for a cash loan that suits their needs.

When to get a cash loan:

Online cash loans are personal loans, consisting of a small cash advance that is usually paid back to the lender by your next pay date. If used correctly, a payday loan can be a helpful temporary fix; if used incorrectly it can just exacerbate an already tough financial situation. The key is to know when to use a payday loan and when not to.

When you should use a cash loan:

  • If you’re currently short on cash, but will have the money to easily repay on payday
  • To save you from hefty late fees/NSF charges
  • Keep you from bouncing checks that will affect your credit score
  • Paying emergency bills like a doctor or dentist
  • A car repair that needs to be done asap so you can get to work

When you should not to use a payday loan:

  • As a means to manage ongoing monthly bills
  • To cover a large non-necessary purchase
  • Because your credit card is maxed out
  • To pay off other loans

Correctly using a payday loan can help save you from even more expensive fees or provide you with the emergency fix you need, but cannot afford at that exact moment.

The key to using a payday loan is thinking in terms of a temporary solution since these loans are due on your next pay date. Payday loans are set up for short term use only and are not meant to be a long term financial solution. They are beneficial to people who have found themselves in a temporary cash shortage and need the money before their next pay date. Knowing when to use a payday loan can help you on the road to financial stability versus being just another problem driving you further into debt.

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