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Payday Loans

Loan repayment from 10 weeks to 3 months. You do not have to repay on your next payday like most payday loans require. This makes it easier for you to keep your finances in order and feel secure. Bad credit is NOT a problem in most cases.


Not many loan companies in Australia offer a you a guarantee that if within 24 hours of taking out a loan, you can return it for ANY reason and have nothing else to pay! Actually there is only one! This takes the risk out of getting a loan today!

No fee’s and no risk… Apply today and see how we are different…

100% Online

The entire process for getting a loan is handled online. No Paperwork and no face to face meeting is ever required to apply and get a loan!

NO Credit Checks

That’s right, NO credit checks whatsoever… None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Simple no credit check loans.

No Hassles!

Nope, no hassles here, just simple online loans the easiest way there is. Apply now, get cash today

Australia Only

We serve all regions of Australia from the big cities to the smallest village. Apply from anywhere in Australia, anytime

Bad Credit

Since there is no credit check, bad credit is not a problem when applying for a loan at


No need to leave your chair to get a loan (or wear pants for that matter) No face to face is ever required to get a loan! Apply today!

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payday loans Australia

Payday Loans Australia

We understand that you need cash now, we can help. Having been in the online loans industry for well over a decade, we know a thing or two about how to get you cash fast. Your application is instant and a loan decision is made in real time without waiting and wondering if you have been approved. Payday loans instant approval no credit checks

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loan facts

Quick Fact About Payday Loans

Another reason our instalment loans are better than payday loans:

With payday loans, most people pay back more in fee’s than they originally borrowed. This is caused by the borrower not being able to pay back the loan in one big chunk so soon after taking out the loan. With Australia Cash Loan you have from ten weeks to three months to repay! A much smarter way to handle your finances.

Why Choose Us?

We know that you have many options when searching for a loan online. Auscashloans stands out from the crowd in several key areas. Our loans do not require you to have the ability to repay in such a short period of time that you are forced into a harder financial predicament than when you applied for the loan.

It is unreasonable to expect most people to be able to repay a loan in two week to a month. If they could, there is a very good chance that they wouldn’t be needing the loan in the first place!

We do not provide loan terms that are less than 10 weeks. In fact, depending on your individual financial circumstances, most of our loans are repaid over 3 months in easy to digest installments.

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no credit check

Short term loans can come at a hefty price, so be sure that you borrow money only when you absolutely need it. Often, you can apply for a loan when you have pressing emergency expenses such as overdue bills or other pressing expenditures that could put you in financial harm. You should always find out if there are any other options before borrowing such as having the bill deferred to a later date or a lesser amount. You must be careful when making important financial decisions that can have a long term impact.

No Credit Check Loans

Most loan companies in Australia require credit checks in order to get a payday loan and do not offer no credit check loans. This is another important area where we are different! There are absolutely no credit checks to get a loan when applying at

Look, we’ve all made mistakes in the past, but unlike many other companies we don’t believe those past mistakes should be held against you forever! We require 90 days of bank statements instead of credit reports in order to approve your loan. The banking documents are also received online safely and securely with no more effort or hassle on your part! We work weekends too!


Should I Get A Loan Today?

The answer to this question is not always straight forward. While cash loans can come in quite handy when you are in need of cash quickly, they do come at a cost. You must analyze your actual needs before applying. Often people panic when there is a cash crunch and a bill is past due or a car breaks down. Take a minute and breath and consider other options before rushing into more debt. For instance, most creditors will work with you on past due bills if you just ring them and ask, most are glad to help as it is in their best interest to assist you. It is also cheaper to borrow from friends or family. If you have that option available to you, we highly recommend you use it prior to applying for a cash loan.

There are not really any limits to what you can use the proceeds of your loan for but you must use caution in your decision making process to decide if what you want the money for is worth the cost. We do recommend that you do not get a loan for things that are not what would normally be considered an emergency. Among these things are weekend trips, special occasions, frivolous purchases, a night out on the town and similar other activities that do not constitute an emergency. Apply for weekend loans also!


Fast 24/7 Service

We have been in this business a long time and understand that you do not have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to cash loans timing. We will do our best NOT to waste your valuable time so you can get on with your life.

Our system is designed so you can apply, get approval and have cash in your bank account in just a few minutes. No need for an all day affair. And yes, we offer loans on the weekend too!

You never know when unexpected issues and expenses may arise. So, with our many years of experience in online lending under our belt, at Auscashloans we are always there to help you in dealing with a financial crisis. We pay special attention to our customers security and pride ourselves on serving each customer on the same day. Usually within minutes of completing an application you will know if you have been approved.

AU mobile loans

Better Mobile Loans

Get mobile! Apply now from any modern mobile device. No slow downs here, our mobile site is super fast and allows you to apply for a loan from the road, a plane or in bed! The choice is yours, choose Auscashloans for all your short term needs. Better mobile… Better loans for everyone, anywhere 24/7.

Very Secure

We believe protecting your personal data is one of our biggest responsibilities and we take it very seriously. Our entire website is fully SSL secured by Comodo to provide our customers with peace of mind with online transactions.

SSL secured

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No need for worries, you can contact us anytime. We are available during all business hours and our automated loan system is available 24/7, 365 days per year.

We strive to make every aspect of doing business with us as easy and fast as possible. Still have questions? See our FAQ page. Still not sure? Contact Us anytime!

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